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World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006

In 2000, Germany entitled to host World Cup 2006 for the second time. First time was 1974. South Africa, United Kingdom and Morocco was last candidates for hosting. In the final tournament, 31 teams participated in this process together with the host country Germany. Germany was the second time to compete (West Germany in 1974 for the first time). At the same time, it was the 10th World Cup in Europe.

Notes from World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006 it was the 18th tournament. At that time it was the most watched show in television history. FIFA and other countries decided to implement “Green Goal”, which is first time they used in World Cup. the purpose of this implement is reduce effect of carbon 100 thousand of carbon emission. Because millions of people use planes, cars and other vehicles just to see World Cup 2006. Germany, has donated one million euros to be used in environmental projects and implemented in developing countries.

On The Way To The Finals

World Cup 2006 was between 9 June – 9 July. On fourth of June semi finals game took place between Germany and Italy. Italy won the match with 2 goals and the Italian sheet stayed clean without any goal. In the fifth of June Portugal faced France and France won the match with one goal. Germany and Portugal played for last third place. Germany won the game and scored three goals while Portugal scored just one.

Final match played in 9th of July between Italy and France. At the beginning both sides played in a fast peak. They showed different kind of skills and strength in first half of the match. The first goal scored by France in the 7th minute By Zidane. After a short time Italy scored second goal by Materazzi. After that no goals have been scored the whole match from either side. Match extended by 20 minutes. But nothing has changed. Finally both teams competed in penalty shout-outs when Italy won the game 5-3.

The end