World Cup 2018, Belgium vs England

Before final match there is last match for see who will be the third. World Cup 2018, Belgium vs England will play on 14th of June for third position in World Cup.

World Cup 2018, Belgium vs England

How they come to this position? With whom they played and what was the results? Belgium played with France on 10th of July and lost with 1-0 score. Another that on 11th of July, England played with Crotia and they lost 2-1. Now Belgium and England will play against to each other.

By the way they played together in World Cup 2018 and World Cup 1990. In 30th of June Belgium won that game with 0-1 score. So Belgium won once, but for second time? We will see what will happen.

The play-off for third place at the FIFA World Cup may have less competitive significance than the final, but perhaps for that reason it often provides plenty of entertaining football. Here is a reminder of how things panned out at the last two third place playoffs at the tournament.

Play-off for third place

14 Jul 2018 – 17:00 Local time

Saint Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg

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