World Cup 2018, Crotia vs Nigeria

Last match on 16th of June. World Cup 2018, Crotia vs Nigeria will start at 21:00. We will tell you last news about Crotia team and Nigeria team, also last statistics and their last match results. But both team will not play in their field. So results can bu suprise for everybody.

World Cup 2018, Crotia vs Nigeria

This will be the first senior international match between Croatia and Nigeria. So in this way it is special┬ámatch for them and for Fifa also. As a matter of fact, the first two games in Group D will have this in common. Let’s check their last match results. Crotia played against to Senegal and won with 2-1 score. Nigeria played with Czhec Republic and lose that one with 0-1 score.

But now both team have enjoy and training at the same time in Russia football camp. Football players Andrej Kramaric from Crotia says “The Croatian football team is located in an area called the Forest Rhapsody. “I love nature and this is an ideal hotel for me”.

Many football players and their coach make tweet and news about World Cup 2018 now. You can check from here.

Group: D

Date and Time: 16 Jun 2018 – 21:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Kaliningrad Stadium Kaliningrad

Update from editors: results is 2-o Crotia won this game.

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