World Cup 2018, Denmark vs Australia

Let’s look to Europe and the far of end of the world. World Cup 2018, Denmark vs Australia coming from there and meet in East Europe. They played together before. Not for Fifa but for international cup. So results can be suprising.

World Cup 2018, Denmark vs Australia

So they met 3 times in a field before. In 2007, 2010 and 2012 for International Friendly Cup. Denmark won 2 games of 3. Australia won another one. Mostly Denmark played better even in their country. So for them playing in Russia could not be a problem. But we can except everything. Becuase it has been 6 years since last match between them.

Also they played in World Cup 2018 since last week. So let’s check what they did. They played same day with different countries. Denmark played with Peru and lost 0-1. Australia played with France and also lost that game 2-1. It was really disappointment for both. So this game is very important for that reason. We will see the result in few days.

Group: C

Date and Time: 21 Jun 2018 – 16:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Samara Arena Samara

Update from Editor: Match end with in draw 1-1.

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