World Cup 2018, England vs Panama

This team have promised to adopt a physical approach in order to “impose” themselves. We are talking about who? World Cup 2018, England vs Panama of course. Panama give some promises for that match. Details below.

World Cup 2018, England vs Panama

Before news and talking about what they say those teams to each other, we need to check their previous matches in World Cup. Did they played together bofore and what is the results of their matches in World Cup 2018.

England played with Tunusia and won that game with 1-2 score. It was really good match to watch. If you missed you should watch as soon as possible. Panama played with Belgium and lost with 3-0 score. However, Panama captain Roman Torres says his side have no intention of altering their approach: “Football is like that – you always have to impose yourself, you have to mark out your territory.

Both team give interview for this match. To say how they do hard training and how they will on Sunday. We will wait and see. But if you want to read last news you can read from here.

Group: G

Date and Time: 24 Jun 2018 – 15:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium Nizhny Novgorod

Update from Editor: England won that game with 6-1 score.

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