World Cup 2018, Korea Republic vs Mexico

World Cup 2018, Korea Republic vs Mexico, they played many times before for every international cup. But for Fifa last time was 10 years ago. Since 1980 they played in same field many times for many tournaments.

World Cup 2018, Korea Republic vs Mexico

Since 1980 they played many times. But first Fifa World Cup was in 1998. Mexico won that game with 1-3 score. After that they played for Korea Cup in 1999 and match end with in draw 1-1. So they know each other very well. Because of that match is going different. You can understand if it’s two team know each other.

About previous match Korea Republic played with Sweden and lost with 1-0 score. Other side Mexico played with Germany and won with 0-1 score. Hirving Lazano score a goal. The statistics says Mexico will win this game. But we can be sure. Because last time they met in 2014.

For all match listt they played you can find from 11v11 webside from here.

Group: F

Date and Time: 23 Jun 2018 – 18:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Rostov Arena Rostov-On-Don

Update from Editor: Mexico won that game with 1-2 score.

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