World Cup 2018, Portugal vs Spain

In every World Cup there is some teams that always waiting by their fans and from the other countries. This time two teams will play against to each other. World Cup 2018, Portugal vs Spain match is that kind of match.

World Cup 2018, Portugal vs Spain

Second day of World Cup 2018 we will see 3 match. All of them will be playing in different stadium and different time. So you can watch all. But this match is special. They played against to each other before and many times. Spain lost more than they won. This time we do not know what will happen. But if we speak based on statistics, we can say Spain will win this game, this time. Why? Because they have better players now, they practice more and harder and last results of another match is better.

We said they played against to each other before. Yed they did. Many times. But last one is in World Cup 2010. Spain won that game 1-0.

Group: B

Stadium and City: Fisht Stadium Sochi

Date and Time: 15 Jun 2018 – 21:00 Local time

Wanna read more information and to see full list of players? Check from here.

Update from editors: results is 1-1 end with in draw.

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