World Cup 2018, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

This match will be interesting. Because those two teams lost since cup has been started. World Cup 2018, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt play on 25th of June. We can’t even guess for who will win or lost. But woth to watch.

World Cup 2018, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt

Saudi Arabia has ben start to World Cup 2018 in a unlucky way. Because they started with Russia and lost first game of Cup with 5-0 score. It is bad start for any team. But it was not the end. After that they played with Uruguay and they also lost with 1-0 score. But they are lucky because now they heave opponent who has lost for all World Cup 2018 also. Egypt played with Uruguay and Russia and lost both match.

Other side there is some news about Egypt teams for that match.The Egyptian team resumed training last night (Thursday) to prepare for the Saudi match. Although Omar Jaber had to step out during the final minutes when he felt thigh muscle pain, the team doctor added that a further examination will take place to determine the player’s position for Friday evening’s training.

You can check their previous match besides World Cup from here.

Group: A

Date and Time: Volgograd Arena Volgograd

Stadium and City: 25 Jun 2018 – 17:00 Local time

Update from Editor: Saudi Arabia won that game with 2-1 score.

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