World Cup 2018, Costa Rica vs Serbia

Now we have to team for 3th day World Cup. They never did play against to each other before. Another that kind of match and we are excited again. World Cup 2018, Costa Rica vs Serbia on 17th of June. Let’s check for more details for this match.

World Cup 2018, Costa Rica vs Serbia

As you know Costa Rica and Serbia they are always good at football. Maybe because of genetic, we do not now but it is. So this game will be the one for enjoy to watch. They never be play in same field before. Thanks to World Cup 2018 we have a chance to see those 2 great teams together. Costa Rica played with Belguim last time and they lost 1-4 score. Serbia played with Bolivia last time and they also lost 5-1 score. Now both team working and training very hard for this cup.

Maybe it is better if we can read 1-2 news about news. First one is coming from Costa Rica; ” It’s three days before Costa Rica take to the pitch at the World Cup but excitement is growing. Just take a look at the media scrum for quotes before training!” The second one is come from Serbia; “He was part of Serbia’s U20 World Cup-winning Class of 2015 and now Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is aiming to make another dream come true in Russia.”

This new is not enough? Check for more from here.

Group: E

Date and Time: 17 Jun 2018 – 16:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Samara Arena Samara

Update from editors: results is 0-1 Serbia won this game.

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