World Cup 2018, France vs Australia

After days and days we will see better match for sure. This match is between two powerfull country. World Cup 2018, France vs Australia will be the first match in 16th of June. Let’s check more details.

World Cup 2018, France vs Australia

This is will not the first time they against to each other. They met 4 times bofore in same field. First one was in Japan for Kirin Japan Cup and the second one is was for Fifa Confederations Cup. Last 2 of them was International Friendship Cup. If we speak based on statistics France have a big chance to win. Because they won also in 2013 and it was the last match beetween them. But we will see what will happen.

We are all excited for the see again this two teams play against to each other. And we can not be sure about who will win even with statistics. Because Australia really work harder for World Cup. Becuase will be first time they will play in World Cup 2018. You should check more information from here.

Group: C

Date and Time: 16 Jun 2018 – 13:00 Local time

Stadium and City: Kazan Arena, Kazan

Update from editors: results is 2-1 France won this game.

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