World Cup 2018, Japan vs Senegal

World Cup 2018, Japan vs Senegal which they have never played togeter before. Even for another tournament. They will play together first time in Fifa World Cup. Japan’s team are so ready for this match.

World Cup 2018, Japan vs Senegal

First of all let’s check their previous matches in World Cup 2018. Japan played with Colombia and won that game with 1-2 score. Other side Senegal played with Poland and also they won with 1-2 score. So now they have same score and point. This match will be different for them.

There is some new changes from Japan’s team recently. Halilhodzic was replaced by former Japan Football Association technical director Akira Nishino in April despite the Bosnian leading Japan to qualification for the World Cup. There is some article about Colombia vs Japan match. You should read it. Because you can guess who will win. Read from here.

Group: H

Time and Date: Ekaterinburg Arena Ekaterinburg

Stadium and City: 24 Jun 2018 – 20:00 Local time

Update from Editor: Match end with in draw 2-2

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